What does #bmorecharming mean to you?

Charm City Roller Girls truly love Baltimore. This city is more than just our namesake, it’s part of who we are! Hence, CCRG’s new hashtag, #bmorecharming. We asked members of our league family to share what #bmorecharming means to them, and we think you’ll find the responses both fun and inspiring … a lot like our dear city!

To me, #bmorecharming is my opportunity to represent one of the top roller derby teams in the world. I moved to Baltimore from Miami in June 2014, and have been working my tail off to improve upon my skills in order to even TRY and be as awesome as all these wonderful ladies that I have the opportunity to skate with. #Bmorecharming is about growth and moving forward in my derby career, with the help of some spectacular skaters.
-50 Shades of Pain, Mobtown Mods

#bmorecharming is about promoting the essence of the Charm City Roller Girls. We work hard, we play hard, and we build each other up. We are closely tied to the community and want what’s best for the City of Baltimore. I chose Baltimore for a couple of reasons, and the Charm City Roller Girls are one of them. This is my family. Baltimore is my home. – I.M. Pain, Night Terrors

It’s about keeping things safe and fair. It’s about doing better every time you go out there. It’s about teaching and helping skaters be their best. – Admiral Mayhem, Referee

Ever since the 1st little girl ran up to me after a bout complimenting me for being “so shiny,” I have tried to #bmorecharming by painting my face in silver with cyborg rivets and usually skating in something shiny. To me, it has always been about inspiring and entertaining the kids. -Allie B. Back, Speed Regime

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