Meet the Trouble Makers

Photo courtesy of Tyler Shaw

by Sadie Stingray

Flat track roller derby is expanding across the globe, and here in Baltimore, the Charm City Roller Girls are doing their part in that expansion. Last year saw the introduction of their third interleague team, the Trouble Makers. In their freshman season the Trouble Makers brought derby back to the up-close-and-personal fan experience through their games at Skateland in Dundalk, and they ended their rookie season with an impressive 4-1 record. They’ll kick off an exciting second season on Saturday June 13 as part of an action packed triple header with Female Trouble and the Harm City Havoc. Buy your tickets now!

This team of skaters possesses an array of game experience, but they are ready to throw down with a smile and work their way towards becoming CCRG’s future All Star skaters. Their game play takes derby back to its foundations, building their strategy on having a strong footing in core skills – speed control, solid walls, consistent communication on and off the track. From a strong foundation, the team builds into the techniques being used at the world-class level today – diamonds, triangles, and all other hidden gems to come.

Leading the Trouble Makers this year are captains Sadie Stingray and Tearin’ Tina, and coaches Smearin’ Off Ice, Natty Bones and dropping in to help with drills, Punchwrap Supreme. Ice brings her 4 years of experience as a skater for CCRG’s Junkyard Dolls and Female Trouble to whip the Trouble Makers into shape, running them through practices designed to support the development of the team’s skills and strategy.

Analyzing their work on the track, Ice and Punchy develop drills to challenge, strengthen and mold the skaters into peak performance shape. Natty Bones, former skater for Harm City Havoc (formerly Harm City Homicide, Baltimore’s men’s derby league) and coach for CCRG’s Female Trouble, devises our pack formations, pairing skaters that complement each other into packs that lead and learn from each other in a synergy designed to control game play and assist our jammers into lead positions, scoring point after point in pursuit of another winning season.

While the coaches work their magic, Tina and Sadie work in tandem on the track and behind the scenes to build on last year’s success, solidifying the infrastructure to support this fledging team. Though they are fierce competitors during the home season, when Tina’s Night Terrors and Sadie’s Speed Regime teams battle their way towards the home team championship title, they have formed a partnership for the Trouble Makers that is becoming eerily close to hive mind between the two. They work with the leadership of the league and especially with the captains and coaches of Female Trouble, to deconstruct the strategy of our All Star team and bring that strategy through all levels of interleague play, working to create a cohesion and progression of world-class roller derby game play to all of the travel teams.

The Trouble Makers are excited to make their sophomore season one that cements their name in Charm City’s proud athletic culture by continuing the Charm City Roller Girls legacy of excellence. Tickets for this summer season kickoff are available online now!

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