Meet the Skating Ladies in Red

Photo by Tyler Shaw

In May 2014, The Mobtown Mods took home the Donaghy Cup as the top home team of Charm City Roller Girls. As the champs prepare to face a new home season, McJagged gives us some insight into what makes this team tick.

“Alright I admit it– I do enjoy skating in a red dress,” she says, but that’s not all she loves about her team. “I admire each of the other red ladies. I can’t believe I get to skate with them sometimes.”

2014 was Jagged’s first season as a teamed skater, so she’s had some great opportunities to learn from her teammates. “LQ is a font of wisdom, derby anecdotes, and general hilarity,” she says of teammate and veteran skater Lady Quebeaum. “During my first ever bout at Du Burns, guest skating with the Mods as a newly-minted green star, I was freaking out a moderate amount before the game. Just nerves and worries. She came up to me and said, Jagged, what happens if we lose? Nothing. What happens if we win? Nothing. Are you having a blast? There ya go. You wouldn’t be here if no one believed in you. Now let’s go and play some damn derby. (Something like that) and I felt fine!”

Jagged says the strength of her team’s blockers is one of their winning traits. “I think we have incredible blocks — both holding blocks in walls and devastating hitting blocks. Try to get past Punchy or Colleen, probably not gonna happen. Plus our two coaches, Banshee and Rosie the Rioter, have so many years of experience and knowledge to give us after each jam.”

But maybe those red mini dresses have something to do with the team’s winning streak, considering their mantra: Keep it sexy. Jagged explains: “‘Keep it sexy’ is something like staying together, communicating well, moving and working as one, while keeping our cool. It’s also when you pull some great moves with your teammate like hitting a jammer out hard or while jamming, slicing through like buttah.”

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