Travel season is drawing to a close and the Charm City Roller Girls are once again revving up for home season. To help you prepare, we’re interviewing players from all seven (yes, seven!) of our teams, including the four home teams and three travel teams. To get us started, Speed Regime co-captain Allie B. Back tells us about what makes her team stand out.

True to their name, Speed Regime focuses on using speed control to win games.”Given our name, we try to excel at speed control. We’ve done best when we had skaters that fully committed to coming to scrimmages and practices to learn more. It made us more adaptable in the moment. Now that we have some long-term vets on the squad, we’re trying to use that knowledge to foster our newbies.”

This means Regime skaters need the ability to go fast when needed and stop on a dime. Strong blockers are able to slow down quickly to stop a jammer from passing and to maintain their position when being pushed by opposing players.

While there’s an honored tradition of partying in the derby world, Regime players tend to be more laid back. “We don’t party hard and rarely ‘win the afterparty,’ but we support each other and have a great time playing this sport we all love,” Allie says.

Many skaters develop strong bonds with their teams. Here’s how Allie describes her connection with Speed Regime:

“Regime gave me a home when I needed it most. I was injured as a fresh meat skater before I was drafted (during my 1st scrimmage ever actually) and I was out with a major shoulder injury for about 6 months (including surgery). I was almost ready to quit because I was frustrated at being unable to join in with my fellow freshies as they moved up the ranks and onto teams. Regime asked me to help them out on the bench, giving me a role and reason to keep coming to practice. They encouraged me through my physical therapy and fought for me when I was finally draft-able. No other team could have quite the same place in my heart as Regime; they truly are my family.”

Regime players enjoy competing with the Night Terrors, another team often noted for their speediness thanks to a roster full of great jammers. Allie says she enjoys when they get to play against other leagues. “I think we have the most fun/toughest games when we get to skate against other leagues. We get to really let loose and put some aggression out there when we’re not up against the same gals we skate with week after week.”

Speed Regime will bout against the Black Rose Rollers from Hanover, PA in a preseason game on Saturday, Sept. 13. Black Rose is looking to build on a 6-game winning streak while Regime aims to ramp up to the home season with a pre-season win. Get tickets and read more here.

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