Lean, Mean and Thinking Pink

Photo by Down’n’Out Photography

The Junkyard Dolls may be CCRG’s most recognizable team with their pink and grey uniforms and rockstar roster, but this team’s wins don’t come from resting on their reputation. As we gear up for the new home season, Dolls co-captain Federal Kill shares what makes her team great.

“The Dolls excel at strategy and being workhorses,” says Fed. “We are fortunate to have numerous coaches and analytical players who can discuss and digest gameplay with ease. Additionally, many of our team members are highly driven and cross train outside of derby. Their work ethic shines both on and off the track, and motivates their teammates.”

Once known as the “rowdy wild cards of the league,” the Dolls have transformed themselves over the years. “You could find these ladies drinking margaritas before their bouts and smoking cigarettes at halftime. They hit hard and drank even harder,” says Fed. “Today’s Dolls are lean, mean, hell raising machines, but with a tad more discipline to boot.”

With their improved focus and discipline, this team’s passion for the game shines through more than ever. “It is undeniable this team has more heart than any other on the league. This heart manifests itself in our efforts on the track and respect for one another off of it. It’s why I love being a Doll.”

Last season provided plenty challenges including injuries to multiple skaters. “We were constantly having to supplement our roster or play short since we were so down in numbers,” says Fed. “It was tough, but again, the team kept rolling and put their collective hearts out there.”

After fighting through those challenges, the Dolls are looking for some big payoffs this season. “Always remember to ‘Think Pink!’ Expect to see big things from the Dolls in 2015. We’re striving for a healthy roster, and have our sights set on the Donoghy Cup.”

The Dolls certainly are not lacking in experience and dedication, but they also have the wisdom never to ignore an opponent. Fed says she’s keeping an eye on Speed Regime. “I think the Speed Regime is an underestimated team, having kept the same core of skaters for multiple years. I’m excited to see what they do this season.”

See Federal Kill in action this Sunday Sept. 14 at Skateland North Point and follow us on Facebook for news on future Junkyard Dolls games.

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