Home Teams Draft New Skaters for 2011 Season

The Charm City Rollergirls are busy preparing for their 2011 home season starting January 29th and that means the most exciting time of year- home team drafts! The Junkyard Dolls, Mobtown Mods, Night Terrors and 2010 Champs Speed Regime had a tough time choosing from an extremely talented pool of skaters. Each home team said goodbye to some of their most veteran players who will be greatly missed.

The Junkyard Dolls welcome Adrenaline Junkie, Trixy Le Doom, Slo Commotion and Smearin’ Off Ice to a hard hitting roster that includes captains Aidee Dee and Quickshot Kitty, blockers Xena Paradox, Doris Day of Reckoning, Mistress May Eye, Whipstick and Pimparella and jammers Holden Grudges, Kelly O’ShankU and Killer Kitten. The Dolls said goodbye to Flo Shizzle, Federal Kill and Paige Fault.

The Mobtown Mods selected Roxy Balboa, Indie Skies, Neurotic Tendency and Dutchland transfer Booty Garland, formerly known as O’Chit. These ladies join a stellar line up that includes captains Mya Bloody Valentine and Zamboni Toni and the double threat jamming/blocking line ups of Lady Quebeaum, Dosa Badazz, Essie Ecks, Grose Misconduct, Ginja Ninja, PENALTYna, Thoroughbled and Gloria Stunem. The Mobtown Mods bid adieu to Joy Collision (skating with All Stars only), Judy Boom, She Guevara, MIA POW and Ethyl Hurtz.

The Night Terrors enter 2011 with new faces Tamurai Sword, I.M. Pain, Fistfull of Dollhairs, Miss’ippi Queen, and Crowella De Vil. Captains Blind Banshee and Grand Theft Autumn lead a roster that includes multi-talented skaters Radar Love, Nuckin’ Futz, Fatal Attraction, Slap Tackle Pop and L.A. Riot. The Night Terrors will miss Just Carol (skating with All Stars), Rosie the Rioter (skating with All Stars), Beth Steel, Jilli Idol, Frenzy Lohan, Mibbs Breakin’ Ribs, Minnie Piledriver and Nurse Wretched, who will be sporting another uniform soon.

Speed Regime welcomes Scarin’ Blockovich and Ferris Bruiser to their 2010 championship roster lead by captains Terror IzHer and Allie B. Back. Their teammates include the speedy and tough Deathany, Gidget Guttersnip, Flux Incapacitator, Tyrannosaurus Lex, Jam Reaper, Bambi’s Revenge, Loretta Scars, Ali Kaida and Twibite currently awaiting the birth of her second child. The Regime said farewell to Holly Go Hardly (Skating with All Stars), Layne I. Hilator, Oh Scheydt and Cindy Lop-her.

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