Girl Scout Troops Visit CCRG All Stars Practice

Did you know that the Charm City Roller Girls have a lower age requirement than many leagues? We only require our skaters to be 18 years of age, rather than the 21 and up requirements of many leagues around the country. But what about those young ladies who can’t vote yet? How do THEY get their derby fix?

A wave of Junior Roller Derby leagues are starting up across the country. The Junior Roller Derby Association has formed, and provides information about member leagues, modified rules, and assistance in starting a junior roller derby league. Recently a junior derby girl, Fallon Angel of the Seattle Derby Brats, was featured in the WFTDA members magazine fiveonfive. She’s 16 years old, and she is ready to take the derby world by storm in a few years!

The Charm City Roller Girls want to support young women in the pursuit of their derby dream, and since Whip It was released, more girls than ever before want to know when they can skate with their derby heroes. We love meeting our fans at our monthly bouts and other events, but we have the most fun on wheels!

Girl Scout Troops 1205 and 4165 of Baltimore had the opportunity to watch an Charm City All Stars practice and attended an open skate at North Point Skateland with some of their favorite roller girls. Paige Fault (Junkyard Dolls) and Neurotic Tendency (Fresh Meat) talked to the girls about the rules (and the outfits!) as we watched All Stars like Allie B. Back, Holly GoHardly, and Duchess of Torque at practice.

Rules were explained, skates were tied, and autographs aplenty were signed.


Roller derby is one of few contact sports available to women, and the derby culture embraces women of all ages, making it one of few sports that can be played for a lifetime! We’re also proud to play a sport that welcomes all shapes and sizes, and as a new sport we’re open to lifelong athletes and former couch potatoes. We’re happy to be showing these girls what women can do with determination and enthusiasm, and we hope to keep inspiring new generations of skaters.

These are your future Roller Girls, Charm City! Look out for them in our 10th season in 2015!!


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