First Home Team Bout of 2014 Recap – 01-22-2014

The first bout of 2014 in the newly remodeled Du Burns Arena gave us some very exciting games offered to a sell-out crowd!

First, Speed Regime set their sights on the Mobtown Mods. Ela Trick started off the home team season as lead jammer earning Speed Regime 14 points. Talk about starting with a BANG!

The Mobtown Mods were missing a few key players, but never stopped working to close the large gap earned by Speed Regime in the first half in a scrappy, hard-fought game. While Poison Princess earned the Mods 50 points during the game, Allie B. Back was on target, racking up triple digits for 102 of 162 of Speed Regime’s points. Yet, the Mods never gave up and rallied some teamwork in the second half, and overcame a large point deficit to finish only 36 points behind the Regime. Expect more from the Mods this season as they seek to gain a few new players in time for February while Roxy Balboa and Lady Quebeaum are on the mend.

Grrrcia, Roxy Wrecks and E.D. Sledgewick had their first bouts as official members of the Mobtown Mods. Mods welcomed a few guest skaters for this bout; Kamikaze Cash who earned her first penalty with us in the 1st half of the bout, way to go! Merry Khaos, Poison Princess, Scarriett Tubman, and Raven Darkhold also donned the red dresses as guests. O’Chit swapped out last year’s Mod’s uniform and now with the Speed Regime, joined by Sadie Stingray, who had her first official bout with the girls in green. Grrrcia of the Mods and Terror IzHer of the Speed Regime were named MVPs.


The second matchup of the night, reigning 2014 Donaghy Cup champs, the Junkyard Dolls, donned some new gray uniforms to take on the Night Terrors, back for revenge after a tough 2013 season. Cool blue and calculating, the Terrors racked up a significant lead in the first half, which was eroded by an impressive series of jams by Free Radical late in the half, bringing the score to 105 Dolls, 107 Terrors at halftime.

The Junkyard Dolls continued to dominate early in the second half, but the Terrors came roaring back to secure a massive lead, taking control during a handful of jammer penalties earned by Dolls’ jammers. Using quick feet and evasive maneuvers, Nuckin’ Futz of the Terrors earned an impressive 143 of the Terror’s 276 points, while Free Radical earned 90. In the end, the Dolls could not overcome the late game points loss and graciously lost their first game at DuBurns since 2012. Hittsburgh, in her official Night Terror debut, was rewarded with MVP for her solid blocking game and dominating presence on the track, Free Radical took home the MVP award for the Dolls after being responsible for major momentum changes on the track.

On the Night Terrors, members Scarring Nightly and Guantanamurda had their first bout in blue, with She Guevara moving to the Terrors after years with the Mods. In grey, Killy from Philly, GG Hardy, Susy Pow and Throttle-her played their hearts out in their first games as Junkyard Dolls. Returning to the Junkyard Dolls after years playing for the L.A. Derby Dolls, Cherrylicious was right at home as a guest skater.


All of us here at Charm are saying a tearful farewell to our officials Serial Killer and Mercy Buckets, as this January bout was their last one with us. Thank you for all of the tough love you gave to our league! On a lighter note, officials would like to congratulate Jazzie Jukebox on her first officiated game on skates, as well as welcome retired skater Quickshot Kitty and returning official Zebra Caiques.

Join us Saturday, February 22, again at Du Burns Arena for even more roller derby action as your favorite Baltimore girls look to break some hearts on the way to earning the Donaghy Cup! Tickets are available at!

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